Sing with SOUL is an interactive arts activities program designed for nursing home and senior center facilities. The mission is to enhance social, physical, and mental well-being for an older adult population through interactive music programming and group socialization.

Activities include engaging participants in collaborative vocal exercises, demonstrations, and memorable performances that help them alleviate stress, evoke powerful memories, and create socialization opportunities.

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Sing with SOUL launched in 2020 through generous support from Bronx Council on the Arts and the NYC Department for the Aging. This program has subsequently run throughout 2022, and most recently in 2023 at William Hodson Senior Center, the nation’s first senior center.

Sing with SOUL was selected for the 2023 Communitas America accelerator business program, and has proven successful at four NYC locations.

We welcome the opportunity to bring this exciting program to more facilities in NYC. Help Sing with SOUL thrive